Historic Fish Mansion

Project Description:

  • A magnificent 1890’s home, named for the man who built it, W.H. Fish, who owned a local stone company that supplied material for all the area mansions, as well as the entrance gates for the park across the street. The previous owner had been attempting to renovate the 5000 square foot house for 28 years, making little progress when our client persuaded him to sell. The result of the 4-year renovation carefully balances restoration while adding modern amenities, including a first floor power room, gourmet kitchen, closets, guest bath, master suite and laundry. The third floor was also remodeled into a separate guest apartment that doubles as an informal media room and entertaining space.

Project Details:

A new back porch was added to provide access to the yard. Rusticated, battered stone retaining walls were used to match the existing house foundation and make a smooth transition.

The master bath has a heated floor, an invisible tv screen hidden behind the large frameless mirror and a digital shower system that can be timed to start by itself each morning. The master closet has a built-in washer and dryer for added convenience, and the basement has been transformed into a new wine cellar.


A few BEFORE PICTURES to see what we started with:

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