Fourth Avenue Porch

Project Description:

  • AWARDS: 2004 Chrysalis Award for Best Exterior Facelift
  • Our client had a home in an historic neighborhood but it was lacking curb appeal. The house had previously been remodeled and covered in vinyl siding and had lost all of the original character. We advised our client to take off the vinyl siding and see what was underneath - not sure what we would find. Fortunately, the old wood siding was in good shape and we found a lot of the original details that had been obscured, like the shadowlines of the sunburst design in the gables. Recreating all these details gave us a way to add color and personality back to the house.

Project Details:

To take advantage of views of the park at the end of the street, we incorporated a new second-story balcony into the design.  The balcony is directly off the master bedroom.

We replaced all of the windows with new larger windows, added a door to the second floor balcony and custom built a new mahogany front door and transom to fit the original opening.

The homeowner is a landscape designer so he designed the front landscape to compliment the porch. The combination of architecture and landscape gives him a great place to entertain or to just sit and relax and watch the neighborhood.


A few BEFORE PICTURES to see what we started with:

Wagner B1Wagner B2Wagner B3Wagner B3